Continuing Legal Education

Advancing Education Is Very Important

“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is useless, Add what is specifically yours.”
– Bruce Lee –

As our firm grows, we believe it is important to continue our education. The law changes all the time and as lawyers, we cannot rely on what we learned 15 years ago in Law School. That’s why we require our attorneys, to participate in continuing legal education. A partial list is located below.

You will note all of our training is dedicated to criminal defense and trial work. This is our chosen craft and this is what we know.

Most Recent Education & Training


Polygraph Training from Gary Gaudard


We received some extra training from a highly regarded investigator/polygraph operator, Gary Gaudard. When and how to use a polygraph in a case is an important tool in the tool-kit. Proper application of a polygraph can make or break certain cases. However, if the attorney doesn’t understand both the advantages and limitations of a polygraph you can waist your client’s time and money. We’re going to set up an experiment later this summer and see if we can fool Gary and his instrument. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Stay tuned!

Criminal Defense Conference

Mike Hills

Boyne Highlands, MI – Mike Hills, Presenter

Seminar on Voir Dire


NACDA – New Orleans



At National Harbor MD Drug Treatment Court

We began posting our continuing education because potential clients should know our dedication to our craft. As our potential clients are researching the right attorney for their problem, we want them to know our firm is dedicated to doing the best job possible. By continuing our education to stay up to date, we will be better positioned to help our clients.

Blog as Continuing Legal Education

We also maintain a blog that is dedicated to explaining some of the legal principles that we deal with on a daily basis. You will notice some of the issues are just breaking and others are well-established doctrine. We look at the blog as a way to keep us sharp at the law office. By writing a regular blog it helps us keep abreast of new laws and freshen up on old ones.

Continuing our education keeps our talons sharp at Hills Law Office. This will, in turn, help our clients achieve the best results possible.


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