Student Campus Related Crimes

Student Campus Related Crimes

A designated driver or cab can save students a lot of trouble; but if you don’t take this advice and find yourself in trouble, give Hills Law Office a call. The initial consultation is free, and your consultation and any disclosures to our attorneys are completely confidential.

Campus Crimes are Common

Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College are world-class institutions that afford students many opportunities. Unfortunately, many students find themselves entangled with the local police. The most common issues students face are underage drinking (minor in possession of alcohol), drunk driving (operating while intoxicated), and possession of marijuana. In these events, college students may need the help of drunk driving defense lawyers or minor in possession defense lawyers.

Some students find themselves in even more serious trouble, involving date rape, criminal sexual misconduct, or other charges. No matter what sort of crimes you’re accused of, you need a dependable and experienced criminal attorney on your side.

The attorneys at Hills at Law, P.C. handle only criminal cases. We handle cases at every stage, before you have been charged (the case is pending warrant or still being investigated), through the trial process and into the Court of Appeals if necessary. We can help guide you. Contact us today.

Underage Drinking: Minor In Possession of Alcohol (M.I.P.)

M.I.P.s (minor in possession of alcohol): Officers may issue a ticket for this offense. It is important for students to realize that an underage drinking charge can be a criminal misdemeanor. If it’s your first charge, you will likely be offered a choice: either plead guilty and pay a fine; or, enter into a diversion program and you can earn a dismissal.

Note: Legislation was passed to decriminalize Minor In Possession, but only for the first offense. If you are convicted multiple times it becomes criminal.

Be aware: if you are convicted of multiple MIPs the secretary of state will take action against your driver’s license.

Be aware: because MIPs are criminal in nature, the Constitution and its full protections will apply to the incident. The police, in their haste, may not be as careful with an MIP investigation as they would with a more serious case, and there are often issues with the stop, search, or other aspects of the investigation that may be of questionable validity. Minor in possession defense lawyers will help you understand if your rights were violated. Again, feel free to contact Hills at Law, P.C. for a free consultation to assess your situation.

Other Criminal Charges

For further information on drug possession defense lawyers or date rape/criminal sexual conduct defense lawyers, contact us. Hills at Law, P.C. is here to help you through your legal challenges.

If you do need to hire a Southwest Michigan criminal defense attorney, we accept credit cards and otherwise try to work with college students to get them excellent representation at a reasonable cost.

Confidentiality: your consultation and disclosures to our attorneys are completely confidential.

Criminal Charges and Code of Conduct Policies

If you find yourself in trouble with the law, not only could you find yourself in court, but also called in to speak with an administrator. View the college and university websites below to find each school’s student code of conduct.

Western Michigan University (WMU):
Kalamazoo College (K-College):
Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC):

What you need to know in these situations is that you have certain rights to due process. This includes a hearing on culpability and/or mitigation of circumstances. You will also have some limited right to appeal the administration’s judgment.

Seek the Right Legal Help

If you are called to the office of student conduct for a criminal offense, you should contact an attorney who has had experience in this area. We can help advise students and their parents as they proceed through this tricky and important procedure to help minimize the impact and/or exonerate the student.

Call us toll-free at 866-817-6954 if you have any questions regarding the services our Kalamazoo, Michigan defense lawyers provide. We work with minors and adults in nine Southwest Michigan counties dealing with state and federal legal issues.


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