Felony Firearm Defense Attorneys

Felony Firearm

Felony firearm is a felony offense in Michigan that is charged by Prosecutors when a person had a firearm on them at the time they committed or attempted to commit a felony. Any firearm offense has very serious implications directly and indirectly. If you or a loved one are charged with felony firearm in southwest Michigan, you should contact an experienced attorney at Hills Law to assist you with your firearm case.

Felony firearm is a very serious offense in the state of Michigan because Michigan judges have no discretion as it relates to sentencing in a Felony Firearm case. A first conviction for felony firearm is a mandatory two years in prison. A second offense is a mandatory five years. A third offense is a mandatory ten years in prison. Additionally, if you are convicted of Felony Firearm and another felony offense, your other felony sentence cannot begin until your felony firearm sentence has been served. In other words, your other sentence runs consecutively to your felony firearm sentence. Therefore, felony firearm convictions can result in very lengthy prison sentences.

It should be noted that the firearm in question does not have to be capable of firing nor does it have to be loaded. A BB gun, pellet gun, or paintball gun falls under the definition of a pneumatic gun which is included in this crime. This statute is very broad and requires the skills of a trained and experienced criminal defense attorney to help you defend against these charges. Contact the attorneys at Hills Law as soon as possible to begin framing your defense.

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