Assault and battery or A&B is a very serious misdemeanor charge that can have serious long-term consequences on your life. Assault or assault and battery charges can ruin professional and educational opportunities or your reputation. These types of cases require the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The assault and battery attorneys at Hills at Law are excellent advocates for those accused of A&B and will work hard with you to win your case.


Prosecuting Attorneys charge assault offenses in two different situations. Both of those situations are misdemeanors and fall under the assault and battery statute.

An assault is when you put another person in fear of harm.

A battery, on the other hand, occurs if you follow through with an assault and make physical contact with another person. A victim of an assault or assault and battery does not have to have an injury for the crime to have been committed.


If found guilty or convicted of assault or assault and battery, you could spend up to 93 days in jail, be placed on probation with conditions, and / or be assessed fines and costs.


If you are charged with or convicted of assault and battery, you are already looking at serious consequences directly and indirectly.

A conviction for A&B could impact your ability to use, carry, or possess a firearm. It can also lead to no-contact orders. Violations of these no-contact provisions (of bond, probation, or personal protection order) can lead to more severe criminal charges.

If you’re facing charges for assault in southwest Michigan, call an attorney at Hills Law. Our criminal defense attorneys are available to help you through this process and to provide you with the strongest defense available.