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Violent Offender Statute - 4th / Michigan Compiled Laws MLC §769.12(1)(a)

On October 1, 2012, the Michigan Legislature amended MCL §769.12 to make certain persons eligible for a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence upon conviction of a "Serious Crime" or a "Conspiracy to Commit a Serious Cri...
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Hills Law Offices Would Like To Welcome Thomas N.Edmonds

Thomas Edmonds

Thomas Edmonds has more than 35 years of experience as a licensed attorney. He has extensive trial experience in both criminal and civil cases, including oral argument before the Michigan Supreme Court. Read more...

Attorney Kalamazoo

James Hills given Fox Award for Trial Advocacy. Pictured above: Michael Hills, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein, James Hills

Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving Kalamazoo County

The criminal defense attorneys of Hills at Law, P.C. have been protecting southwest Michigan citizens' rights for over four decades from our office in Kalamazoo. Our experience covers the spectrum from misdemeanors such as drunk driving, domestic violence, and possession of marijuana to felonies including criminal sexual conduct, murder, delivery of drugs, and every crime in between.

We aggressively defend individuals and organizations in a wide variety of criminal matters at every stage of the process: from before charges are issued, through the trial process, and, when necessary, through the appellate process. Our attorneys protect and defend clients in State and Federal courts in Kalamazoo and throughout southwest Michigan.

Our criminal defense specialties include:
  • Michigan Driver's License Restoration

Our Kalamazoo law firm is committed to providing clients with personalized representation and we work together with our staff and investigators to provide superior representation. Our depth of experience in handling even the most complicated matters qualifies us to handle your defense, no matter what type of criminal charges are involved.

Under Investigation?

If you think that you are under criminal investigation and police are questioning you, do not wait to be charged before hiring an attorney. By obtaining representation during the investigation process, our experienced criminal defense lawyers can often prevent charges from being filed in the first place.

By retaining the services of one of our criminal defense attorneys before you are charged or arrested, you'll have the advantage of a lawyer with expertise in the area pertaining to your defense and who is thoroughly familiar with Michigan's criminal code.

  • Criminal Defense Attorney’s of Michigan Fall Conference, Traverse City Michigan, November 2016
  • Coming Together Conference, Kalamazoo October 2016
  • Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals March 2016; Grand Rapids Michigan - Michael D. Hills, Jessica E. LaFond
  • Trial College; Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, Lansing Michigan - August 2015
  • Federal Training; criminal history scoring/career offender and new issues relative to predicate convictions. Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 2015
  • 2015 Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals Conference -  Michael Hills presenter
  • Criminal Defense Attorney's of Michigan's Fall Conference, Traverse City Michigan, November 2014
  • "Zealous Advocacy in Sexual Assault & Child Victims Cases" National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer's Defending Sex Crimes Conference, Las Vegas Nevada November 2014
  • "Forensic Toxicology for Attorneys 2014: Alcohol, Drugs & How to Use and Expert" Presented by Dr. John Vasiliades, DABFT, DABCC, Lab Director, Tox Labs in Omaha, NE August 2014
  • "Incentive and Sanctions Training; National Association of Drug Court Professionals" Presented by Helen Harberts, M.S., J.D.; Terrance Walton, NDCI Faculty April 2014
  • "Criminal History in Sentencing - Descamps, Its Changes, and Where the Supreme Court May Go Next" Presented by Paresh Patel, Appellate Attorney, Federal Public Defender’s Office, District of Maryland, Greenbelt, MD April 2014
  • Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals, Michigan Conference March 2014
  • Presentation: "Forensic Psychiatry, Criminal Competencies and Malingering," William J. Sanders, D.O., M.S March 2014

Southwest Michigan Counties Served

The criminal defense attorneys of Hills at Law, P.C. represent clients in State and Federal courts throughout eight southwest Michigan counties, including:

The sooner you seek legal assistance, the better your lawyer can protect you. Don't wait to be arrested, and don't wait to be charged—let us help you now.

Contact Hills at Law, P.C. today for the most experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorneys in Kalamazoo.