Michigan Driver’s License Civil & Criminal Sanctions


Civil Infractions & Criminal Offenses

Under Michigan law, traffic violations fall into two general categories: civil infractions and criminal offenses. The crimes specified in the motor vehicle code include misdemeanors and felonies. Driver’s license sanctions are included in these crimes. Civil infractions can result in both financial penalties and points against your license, so they must be taken seriously.

Upon conviction for a criminal offense, the Secretary of State may take action against your driver’s license, resulting in the assessment of points, sanctions, or revocation.

Some driver’s license sanctions may result from criminal convictions having nothing to do with the operation of a motor vehicle, including:

  • convictions for certain drug offenses
  • possession of alcohol by a minor (in some instances)
  • Forging certain Secretary of State documents.

The process of driver’s license restoration is necessary to regain the right to drive. Even without a conviction, the Secretary of State’s Driver Assessment Division has the authority to reexamine a driver when, for example, a driver has accumulated too many points or is involved in certain types of accidents. Such hearings include an on-the-road performance test and may result in a restriction, suspension, or revocation of driving privileges.

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