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Serious criminal charges require serious defense. Federal criminal investigation or prosecution will put the nearly unlimited resources and legal talent of the government on the other side of your case, so you need a successful and experienced federal defense attorney in your corner. As one of the most experienced practicing federal attorneys in Kalamazoo and southwest Michigan, Michael D. Hills of Hills at Law, P.C. is your best defense against federal criminal charges.

Mr. Hills has extensive experience as a federal defense attorney, and has successfully defended clients against charges ranging from white-collar crimes to criminal sexual misconduct to drug offenses. Mr. Hills and the entire Hills at Law, P.C. team know how difficult, stressful, and frightening it can be when you, a friend, or a family member are facing federal charges. We are dedicated to providing the best possible defense in the most challenging federal cases.

What is Considered A Federal Crime?

Many crimes that are classified and prosecuted as federal crimes are similar to those in state courts. However, a federal crime generally carries far stricter consequences and involves one or more of the following criteria:

  • Any alleged crime that was committed on federal property
  • Any alleged crime that took place in more than one state/crossed state lines (drug trafficking, kidnapping, transporting illegal merchandise over state lines, etc.)
  • Any alleged crime that affected interstate commerce (such as sending counterfeit money, counterfeit checks, or drugs via the US Postal Service)
  • Any alleged crime in which a federal agent or official is the victim

No matter what type of federal crime you’re being investigated or prosecuted for, you need a reliable federal defense attorney. At Hills at Law, P.C., we have the experience to defend your case against the aggressive tactics of federal prosecutors and federal agencies like the FBI, FDA, DEA, IRS, ATF, and other Department of Justice entities.

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