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Criminal forfeitures are not themselves crimes. These forfeitures are civil in nature and follow the civil rules of procedure. The rules for criminal procedure are entirely different than the handling of civil lawsuits in our courts. Criminal forfeitures defense lawyers understand the rules, regulations and challenges criminal forfeitures.

Criminal forfeitures are tied closely to criminal charges but do not stay with the criminal complaint as it goes through the court process. As stated previously, the forfeiture papers are separate and distinct from any criminal charges, including drug possession and other charges. Forfeiture is an extreme remedy as it is taking away one’s real estate and/or personal property.

It is of the utmost importance that immediately upon receiving a notice of forfeiture that you contact a Southwest Michigan criminal forfeitures defense lawyer. Time is of the essence, as once the forfeiture papers are served upon you, there is only a very limited number of days to respond in an effort to stop automatic forfeiture of your property. If anyone has an ownership interest in the property listed in the forfeiture papers that person or persons can file a bond and claim for his property. When this has been properly done the case then proceeds through the civil side of the court until completion. This procedure is not governed by what happens in any criminal case which might be pending.

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