Lifetime Electronic Monitoring for Sex Offenders

Those convicted of certain criminal sexual conduct crimes must have a tether device attached for the rest of their life.

Legislation that went into effect in August of 2006 requires Lifetime Electronic Monitoring of specified sex offenders. Offenders sentenced to probation and jail sentences for the offenses defined in the statute, with a special condition for lifetime electronic monitoring, shall also be subject to GPS supervision. Those sentenced to prison shall also be included in lifetime electronic monitoring.

Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree

Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree states, in addition to any other penalty imposed, the court shall sentence the defendant to lifetime electronic monitoring.

Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree

Criminal sexual conduct in the second degree states the court shall sentence the defendant to lifetime electronic monitoring if the violation involved sexual contact committed by an individual 17 years of age or older against an individual less than 13 years of age.

A Lifetime of electronic monitoring

Lifetime electronic monitoring applies to conspiracies to commit the specified sex offenses as conspiracy to commit is punishable in the same manner as the underlying offense.

Lifetime electronic monitoring does not apply to attempts to commit sex crimes, as attempts have their own sentencing provisions.

Lifetime electronic monitoring is required for anyone convicted of committing the specified offenses on or after 8/28/06. If there is a range of offense dates, lifetime electronic monitoring is required if any portion of the offense occurred on or after 8/28/06.

In 2008 new laws require global positioning systems be attached for life to some people convicted of criminal sexual conduct.

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