Revoked Michigan Driver’s License Restoration

The process to restore a revoked or suspended Michigan driver’s license varies depending on the reason for the license suspension or revocation. Usually, restoring a driver’s license involves a hearing before the Driver’s Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD), previously known as the Driver’s License Appeal Division (DLAD).

Drunk Driving Driver’s License Restoration

In a case involving driver’s license revocation due to drunk driving charges, the process starts heavily weighted against you. Unlike a criminal trial—in which you are presumed innocent until proven guilty—when you appeal to restore license privileges, the State of Michigan will review your case under the presumption that they will not be restoring your license.

Once your driver’s license has been revoked or denied for multiple drug or alcohol-related convictions, the State presumes you have a drug or alcohol problem that resulted in your convictions.

If you want your license restored, you must establish by clear and convincing evidence that:

  • Your drug or alcohol problem is under control.
  • The problem has been under for a sufficient period of time.
  • The problem that resulted in your convictions is likely to remain under control.
  • You have the motivation to drive safely.

Supplying your “clear and convincing evidence” (CCE) involves letters of testimony, a minimum time of abstinence from drugs or alcohol, a drug screen – with controls, a substance abuse evaluation, and your own sworn testimony. All this information must be carefully coordinated and presented to the Hearing Officer in a consistent and persuasive manner. Any defect or inconsistency can cause a denial.

Hills Law Experienced Driver’s License Restoration Attorneys

Far too often, we hear from clients who previously went through this process alone or with an inexperienced attorney. In these cases, we inevitably have to explain some of the prior documents that have already been filed, as they will contain flaws that killed the client’s initial chances and are hurting their chances on the second time through. If you are going into a hearing to get your license restored, go with an experienced attorney the first time.

In Michigan, driver’s license revocations are life-long by default. Only through the appeals process can your license be restored. It’s vital that, if you want the best chance at a restored license, you have an experienced attorney advising you through the process.

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At Hills At Law, P.C. our attorneys provide expert driver’s license restoration services throughout Michigan, with a particular focus in nine counties in southwest Michigan. But we also help people from out of state and country who need to present their case to the Michigan Secretary of State.

If you’ve had your Michigan driver’s license suspended or revoked due to accumulation of points, involvement in an accident, or conviction for a criminal offense, contact Hills At Law, P.C. today. We provide experienced, personal representation to help you recover your driving privileges.


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