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Drivers License Restoration Attorney Jerry HopkinsThe number one reason people turn to Hills At Law, P.C. for driver’s license restoration is because of attorney Jerry Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins’ 30 years of experience as a hearing office for the Michigan Secretary of State gives him exceptional knowledge and expertise when it comes to getting a revoked driver’s license restored.

Driver's License Restoration Practice Areas

During his time as a hearing officer for the Michigan Secretary of State, Mr. Hopkins conducted thousands of hearings, all involving driver's license issues.  Mr. Hopkins developed vast expertise in several areas of drivers license practice. He is an expert in representing individuals whose privilege to operate a vehicle has been revoked, denied, suspended, or restricted for various reasons.

His practice areas include:                                                                                  

  • Revoked or denied driver’s license because of multiple alcohol-related or drug-related driving convictions.
  • Ignition interlock removal
  • Ignition interlock violations
  • Suspended or revoked license for medical reasons
  • Driver assessment re-exams

Further Resources for Driver's License Restoration in Michigan

We have several more resources with information on how Hills At Law, P.C. will help you restore a suspended, denied, restricted or revoked driver’s license in Michigan. Below is a list of our other pages on Driver’s License Restoration:

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At Hills At Law, P.C., we have significant experience handling the restoration of Michigan driver’s licenses. We have represented clients in criminal cases, driver assessments, and DAAD hearings (Driver Assessment and Appeal Division). We are well-suited to provide you with the valuable advice you need and to minimize the impact of sanctions on your ability to regain your driving privileges.

We repeatedly hear—from the people we help with driver’s license restoration—that the reason they trusted us to get the job done is that of Jerry Hopkins’ decades of experience as a hearing officer for the state of Michigan. We are located in Kalamazoo but help people throughout Michigan, the United States and the World with this important process.

If you’ve had your Michigan driver’s license revoked—or if you are worried it will be—due to the accumulation of points, involvement in an accident, or conviction for a criminal offense, contact Hills At Law, P.C. now about protecting your driving privileges or reinstating your license.

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