No Patient-to-Patient Transfers Under the MMMA

No patient to patient transfers under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, even if both are valid registered qualifying patients under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, MCL 333.26421. The Michigan Supreme Court on June 19, 2013 reversed a court of appeals case that allowed patient to patient transfer out of Barry County (People v. Green) that involved a small amount of marijuana.
The high court cited Michigan v. McQueen wherein the court held that under the MMMA, section 4 immunity does not extend to a registered qualifying patient who transfers marijuana to another registered qualifying patient for the transferee’s use because the transferor is not engaging in conduct related to marijuana for the purpose of relieving the transferor’s own condition or symptoms.
It is believed that this ruling will continue to be challenged, so stay tuned.
Also remember that if a person is convicted of a drug offense the Michigan Secretary of State will take action against that person’s drivers license.


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