Conspiracy to Kidnap the Governor of the State of Michigan - NOT GUILTY!

This was a great victory for our client and his family.

It was also a victory for American’s right to free speech, free assembly and freedom from an over reaching government. It was a long 1 ½ year battle that landed me in a rotation of hotel, conference war room, court room rinse and repeat for the last month. It was never boring, always challenging. I am forever grateful for the team of lawyers and staff that I had the pleasure to work with. There were many days that were difficult, but we never wavered from our path and our belief that what the government did in this case was wrong and the jury would somehow see it. And they did! Cheers to our team and the jury for seeing through the B.S.!

Check out the article here on MLive.

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Not Guilty Verdict:

not guilty verdict


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