Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MCL §333.26421 et seq)

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA) is currently a hot topic for law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, courts, legislators, lawyers and many private citizens. The practical purpose of the law, to treat or alleviate the pain, nausea, and other symptoms associated with a variety of debilitating medical conditions, is a worthy and novel one. However, the current legislation leaves many important issues clouded in shades of gray, with the practical effect being a struggle between those enforcing the law and those that wish to comply with the law.

Hills at Law, P.C. has focused on keeping itself aware of the everchanging landscape of this legislation to put its clients in a better position to comply with Michigan’s new marijuana laws. In the coming weeks, we will use this blog to examine many of the gray areas within this legislation to provide you with the necessary knowledge and insight to protect you and your loved one’s interests.

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