Driver's License Q&A: Drunk Driving Revocation

Jerry Hopkins heads the Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Division at Hills Law Office and for 30 years worked at the Michigan Secretary of State office overseeing driver’s license litigation. Jerry answers driver’s license questions in this Q&A series reprinted from the Kalamazoo Gazette.
Q: When a driver’s license is revoked for two or more drunk driving convictions, how long will it take to get a driver’s license back?

A: There is a mandatory 12 month waiting period before you can apply for a license. Preparing for a hearing requires quite a bit of work. You have to get a substance abuse evaluation, gather the proper supportive evidence, organize it and be prepared to effectively present it to a hearing officer. It can take 8 to 12 weeks to gather the evidence and get it ready to submit. The State will schedule a hearing within 4-6 weeks after your hearing.
When I was a hearing officer, I knew people who had been without driving privileges for many years because they failed to present the proper evidence. That’s why an experienced attorney advising and guiding you in preparation for a hearing is quite valuable. There isn’t a guarantee that you will get your license after your hearing, but the earlier you start, the better your case will be.
Beware: If your appeal is denied you generally have to wait 12 months to reapply for a license. Don’t wait until you get a job offer that requires you to drive.

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