Application For Original Driving License/Privileges Denied By The State of Michigan

Facts: The prospective clients has had his application for an original license in Michigan denied-rejected. He was told that the State of Michigan will not issue driving privileges to him until at least 03/11/2018. He DID NOT APPLY for an original Michigan driver’s license prior to being convicted of 2 moving violations in the three years preceding his original application for driving privileges.

Question: Can he get any driving privileges in Michigan, even restrictions for work, before 03/11/2018.

Response: No. There is no hardship/work restrictions available or appeals to any courts in Michigan regarding the state’s denial of an original driver’s license.
Michigan State Law: Per Michigan Vehicle Code (MVC) 257.303(1)(g) [ Two or more convictions in the three years proceeding original application for driving privileges.] If an unlicensed person obtains 2 convictions in the 3 years prior to applying for original driving privileges in Michigan the Secretary of State shall deny their application for privileges.
Therefore, his application for driving privileges is, and will be, denied until his driving record no longer reports 2 convictions in three years proceeding his application for driving privileges.
Current Facts and Conclusions: Following his most recent application denied- until 03/11/2018- he has obtained a conviction for driving while license suspended (DWLS) [Citation date 08/28/2016- conviction date 09/27/2016]. His conviction prior to this DWLS was a failed to display a valid license [Citation date 08/19/2015- conviction date 09/08/2015].
Therefore, when he applies for a driver’s license again he can expect to have his application for driving privileges denied until 3 years from the 09/08/2015 failed to display a valid license conviction, i.e., until 09/08/2018, provided there are no additional convictions in Michigan or any other state.
There is no hardship appeal.


He may be eligible to apply for driving privileges in another state. Each state has its own laws regarding issuing an original driver’s license and there may be a state that would issue him driving privileges. Of course, he would need to become a resident of that state to be eligible to apply for driving privileges there. If there other state issues driving privileges he could drive in Michigan with the outstate license as long as he maintained he resident of the other state and Michigan did not have his driving privileges suspended/revoked/denied.

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