Michigan Expands Youthful Offenders’ Eligibility for HYTA Status

If an individual is convicted of any offense other than, (1) a felony punishable by life imprisonment, (2) a major controlled substance offense, (3) a traffic offense (4) certain sex crimes, he or she may be eligible for Holmes Youthful Trainee status.
Beginning in August 2015, youthful offenders ages 17-24 are eligible to have their criminal record cleared if they complete their sentence without any issues. Prior to that date, an offender was only eligible between the ages of 17 and 21.
There is a caveat to this change in law: if the offense was committed on or after the individual’s 21st birthday, the individual cannot be assigned to Holmes Youthful Trainee status without the prosecutor’s consent.
If an individual takes advantage of HYTA, she pleads guilty to the charge. If she completes probation successfully, the conviction will not be entered on her record.
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