Michigan Medical Marijuana House Bill No. 4834

On May 3, 2012 the Michigan House of Representatives passed House Bill number 4834, which would require Michigan Marijuana Registry Card Holders to have a photo ID on their Registry Identification Cards. This Bill also states the new cards will expire after two years and privatize parts of the registry process.
Section 6 MCL §333.26426 (A)(7) would be amended by Bill 4834 and require Medical Marijuana Registry Card holders to submit two identical color photos with current appearance and distinct guidelines including size of photo, size of head in photo, and no obscured hairlines or dark glasses.
The department still shall not allow any person access to the information about patients on the confidential card holder list other than authorized employees of the state and law enforcement officials. Another blog update will follow this one when House Bill 4834 reaches vote in the Senate. This is not a law at this point and we will update you with new information as we receive it.


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