How to Clear a Warrant Under COVID-19 Restrictions in Michigan

Every jail and courthouse in Southwest Michigan has different rules and regulations on a normal day. With COVID, those rules vary almost daily. For each client with an outstanding warrant, we have to check with the jail and court to confirm the procedure and whether they will even allow someone to turn themselves in.

We get calls every day with people that have outstanding warrants that would like to turn themselves in and clear the warrants so that they are not arrested at their homes, work, or on the road. In pre-COVID days, we would generally make arrangements to go turn our clients in at the jail or the local police department. From there, bond was set or you may be held to see a judge. We can generally help facilitate the proceedings to make it as smooth as possible.

However, with jail restrictions and courts under increasing pressure to restrict the flow of people in court buildings, every county has formed different rules and procedures. Unfortunately, some people are not allowed to surrender while others can make appointments to turn themselves in. As stated above, a variety of methods and procedures change seemingly day by day, generally dependent upon the county health board and/or the State Court Administrator’s Office’s restrictions based on the COVID-19 numbers.

If you have been charged in a criminal matter and have an outstanding warrant you need to call a criminal defense attorney in your area so they can coordinate with local agencies to either clear your warrant or make it known that you are attempting to clear your warrant so that you are not arrested or harassed by the police while your warrant remains pending.

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