Driver's License Q&A: Super Drunk Law

Jerry Hopkins heads the Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Division at Hills Law Office and for 30 years worked at the Michigan Secretary of State office overseeing driver’s license litigation. Jerry answers driver’s license questions in this Q&A series reprinted from the Kalamazoo Gazette.
Q: What is the new law in Michigan for convicted drunk drivers?

A: This new law (known as “Super Drunk” law) applies to drivers with a BAC of .17 or greater. It imposes stiffer penalties which include up to 180 days in jail (up from 93 days), fines are higher, now $200 to $700 and 1 yr. license suspension (up from 6 months).
Some driving privileges may be restored after 45 days only after a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) is installed on any vehicle the driver wishes to drive (at the driver’s expense). The driver is required to take a breath test using the BAIID in the vehicle. If it registers .025 or higher, the engine won’t start. Drivers convicted under the “Super Drunk” law will also be required to attend a treatment program for 12 months. It’s very important to hire an attorney with experience before you are convicted.

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