Clear Your Criminal Record in Michigan Through Expungement

Are you looking to get a criminal conviction removed from your record? Expungement laws in Michigan have undergone some significant positive changes in the past few years, as the law was amended twice, in 2011 and 2015.
But what is expungement? When a conviction is expunged / set aside, it is sealed and will remain nonpublic from that point forward. Its greatest benefit is that it allows the person who receives the expungement to be legally allowed to say “I have not been convicted of or charged with the crime expunged” on employment applications and the like. It provides, in essence, a blank slate for the individual.
In recent years, expungement possibilities have been opened up to individuals with not more than one felony and two misdemeanor convictions on their records. An individual with not more than one felony conviction and two misdemeanor convictions can petition the court to expunge / set aside the felony conviction.  Alternatively, an individual with not more than two misdemeanor convictions, and no felony convictions may petition to have one or both misdemeanor convictions expunged / set aside.

Clear Your Name and Your Criminal Record.

It’s important to have an experienced attorney when dealing with expungement. The attorneys at Hills at Law, P.C. have aided in expunging / setting aside both felony and misdemeanor records for decades. If you have questions related to the process, or need representation at the hearing itself, please contact us today or read more at our page dedicated to expungement in Michigan.


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