C.S.C.: Child Witness – Support Person

This blog is a follow-up from the last blog post regarding child witness accommodations in a criminal sexual conduct case.  The last blog was a bit long, and I wanted to submit a shorter version with some additional information.
Some of the different types of accommodations include:
(1) the use of a support person
(2) video recorded statement
(3) a witness testifying outside the presence of the defendant.
In Michigan, a witness who is called on to testify may be allowed to have a support person sit with, accompany, or be in close proximity to the witness during his or her testimony.
In order to have a support person, a notice of intent must be provided which names the support person, identifies the relationship the support person has with the witness, and gives notice to all parties that the support person may sit with the witness.
The defense may file a motion objecting to the use of a named support person at which the witness desires to use the support person.  The court will rule on this motion before the date the witness wants to use the support person.
If you or a family member is charged with rape in Michigan, please contact our office.  All of these details are extremely important in your criminal proceedings.


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