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Appeals from criminal cases are available to all persons convicted of a crime. This procedure is available in all state courts regardless of whether it is a misdemeanor or felony.

A misdemeanor conviction can be appealed first to the local circuit court and possibly to the Michigan Court of Appeals and finally to the Michigan Supreme Court. Felony conviction appeals start with the Michigan Court of Appeals and then to the Michigan Supreme Court.

There are, however, certain restrictions for appeals; such as the right to appeal within a limited time frame for a person convicted by trial. When a person pleads guilty to a crime that individual only has a right to ask the appeals court for leave to appeal. This means that the individual must first get permission to appeal from the court. These requests must be in writing and follow certain guidelines. Federal criminal defense lawyers can help you follow these guidelines accurately.

Appeals are governed by very strict rules, such as time limitations, length of briefs and exhibits which must be filed with the Court of Appeals. These exhibits must include transcripts from prior court proceedings. Appeals are generally limited to specific legal issues. One example is multiple legal errors that deny a defendant a fair trial.

In summary, appeals are very specific and limited and crime appeal lawyers can help you handle the complex issues of crime appeals. They are governed by short time frames in which to request an appeal. Therefore, any questions as to appeals should be directed to a qualified attorney at the earliest possible time.


Supreme Court of the United States
Washington, D.C. 20543
John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice
John Paul Stevens
Atonin Scalia
Anthony M. Kennedy
Clarence Thomas
David H. Souter
Ruth Bader Ginsbury
Stephen G. Breyer
Samuel A. Alito, Jr.,


(Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee)
(513)56-700 Fax: (513)- 564-7096
532 Potter Stewart U.S., Courthouse, 100 E Fifth St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-3988
John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, Washington, D.C.


Senior Judges

Danny J. Boggs, Chief Judge
220 Gene Snyder U.S Courthouse, 601 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202
Boyce F. Martin, Jr.
220 Gene Snyder U.S Courthouse, 601 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202
Alice M. Bacthelder
143 W. Liberty St, Medina, OH 44256
Martha Craig Daughtrey
300 Customs House, 701 Broadway, Nashville TN 37203
Karen Nelson Moore
Carl B. Stokes U.S. Courthouse, 801 Superior Ave, STE 21A, Cleveland, OH 44113
R. Guy Cole, Jr.
127 U.S. Courthouse, 85 Marconi BLVD, Columbus, OH 43215
Eric L. Clay
481 Us Courthouse,231 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, Mi 48226
Ronald L Gilman
1176 Federal Bldg, 167 N main St., Memphis, TN 38103
Julia Smith Gibbons
1157 Clifford Davis Fed. Bldg,167 North main St., Memphis, TN 38103
John M. Rogers
Community Trust Bank Bldg, Ste 400, 100 E. Vine St. Lexington, KY 40507
Jeffrey S. Sutton
10 W. Broad, Ste 1150, Columbus, OH 43215
Mailing address: 85 Marconi Blvd, Rm 260, Columbus, OH 43215
Deborah L. Cook
433 U.S Courthouse, Federal Bldg, 2 South Main, Akron, OH 44308
David W. McKeague
315 W. Allegan Lansing, MI 48933
Richard Allen Griffin
13919 S. West Bay Shore Dr. Se 208, Traverse City, MI49684
Susan Bieke Neilson
1029 Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse, 231 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226
Damon J. Keith
240 Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse, 231 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226
Gilbert S. Merritt
303 Customs house, 701 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203
Cornelia G. Kennedy
744 Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse, 231 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226
Ralph B. Guy,. Jr.
P.O. Box 7910, Ann Arbor , MI 48107
For UPS or FedEx 2000 E. Liberty St. Ste 226, Ann Arbor, mi 48104
David A. Nelson
414 potter Stewart US Courthouse, 100 E. 5th St. Cincinnati, OH, 45202
James L. Ryan
611 Theodore Levin US Courthouse, 251 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226
Allen E. Norris
328 US Courthouse, 85 Marconi Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215
Richard F. Suhrheinrich
241 USPO & Federal Bldg, 315 W. Allegan, Lansing, MI 48933
Eugene E. Siler, Jr.
310 S. main St. Rm 333 London, KY 40741
Alen E. Norris
328 U.S. CourtHouse, 85 Marconi Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215
Richard F. Suhrheinrich
241 USPO & federal Bldg, 315 W. Alegan, Lansing, MI 48933
Eugene E. Siler, Jr.
310 S. Main St., Rm333, London KY 40741


Michigan Hall of Justice
925 W. Ottawa St., Lansing 48909


Clifford W. Taylor, Chief Justice
Lansing 517.373.8635
Michael F. Cavanaugh
Lansing 517.373.8683
Maura D. Corrigan
Lansing 517.373.1244
Detroit 313.972.3232
Elizabeth A. Weaver
Lansing 517.373.2424
** Traverse City 231-929-3700
Marilyn J. Kelly
Lansing 517-373-5118
Detroit 313-972-3222
Robert P. Young, Jr.
Lansing 517-373-9357
Detroit 313-972-3250
Stephan J. Markham
Lansing 517-373-9449

Court of Appeals

Chief Clerk: Sandra Schultz Mangel, Lansing
Hall of Justice, 925 W. Ottawa
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 30020, Lansing 48909-7522

First District

Second District

Cadillac place, 3020 W. Grand Blvd, Ste 14-300, Detroit 48202-6020s
Karen M. Fort Hood (P42479) 313-972-5723
Kirsten Frank Kelly (P33570) 313-927-5733
Christopher M. Murray (P33570) 313-927-5720
Michael J. Talbot (P21245) 313-927-5736
Helene N. White (P30928) 313-927-5740
Kurtis T. Wilder (P37017) 313-927-5755
Brian K. Zahra (P40896) 313-927-5765
Columbia center, 201 W. Big Beaver, Ste 800, Troy 48034-4127
Mark J. Cavanagh (P34272) 248-524-8730
Jessica R. Cooper (P23242) 248-524-8740
Pat M. Donofrio (P12880) 248-524-8750
Henry William Sadd (P24177) 248-524-8770

Third District

Forth District

State Office Building, 350 Ottawa, NW, Grand Rapids 48503-2349
William B. Murphy (P18118) 616-456-7553
David H. Sawyer (P23211) 616-456-1811
Janet T. Neff (P18210) 616-456-6430
Richard A. Bandstra (P31928) 616-459-3272
Joel P. Hoekstra (P23193) 616-458-3476
Michael R. Smolenski (P20728) 616-485-3592
Hall of Justice, 925 W. Ottawa, P.O. Box 30022, Lansing 48909-7522
Stephen L. Borrello (P37368) 517-373-1055
Alton T. Davis (P24472) 517-373-0955
Patrick M. Meter (P235336) 517-373-6787
Peter D. O'Connell (P25702) 517-373-9847
Donald S. Owens (P18574) 517-373-9854
Bill Schuette (P32532) 517-373-3843
William C. Whitbeck (P22238) Chief Judge 517-373-3834


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