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DNA Testing: Crimes in the Lab

There has been a lot of media attention to problems in government laboratories lately. I came across an article recently that I found enlightening. ABAJOURNAL article, Crimes in the Lab by Mark Hansen, discusses major concerns over malpractice in DNA testing facilities. There are examples all over the country of these DNA testing facilities being […]

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Police Photo Lineups and the Law

I had a person call the office and ask about a photo lineup that was used against them, they thought it was not fairly done. While I can’t go into the specifics of any one person’s case, I can give some general principles regarding photo lineups as well as in person identifications.   In the […]

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Witness Competency Baseline

In the recent case of Michigan v. Tarique Houssaine the defendant, who was convicted of second degree criminal sexual conduct, argued that the victim, a seven year old girl, was not competent to testify, and that the victim’s testimony was an abuse of discretion on the part of the trial court.   The Michigan Court […]

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